Escape game The Cursed Treasure

Company: Escapee


Møllestræde 3A 3400 Hillerød ()

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Arrrwww Pirates!
In the cargo on your newly plundered ship, you find five large chests that is said to contain a big treasure. There is only one problem - the chests are protected by locks and mysterious tasks. And the rumors tell of a curse. A curse that will always rest on those who find the treasure!

The five big pirate chests are in our lobby. As always at Escapee, the game has great puzzles, twists, action, a bold story and sound effects. While the game doesn't have its own room, 'The Cursed Treasure' is a super fun and cool pirate experience!

Will you being struck by the eternal curse?
Can you find the hidden treasure before the ship sinks?

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