Review moderation policy

When leaving a review on World of Escapes, you confirm that you’ve actually played the escape game in question, but do not own or operate it. You also confirm that you are not affiliated with any other escape room company in the area. If you didn’t get to play the room on the account of the facility, your review also may be posted.

Please leave your real contact information so we may be able to reach out to you to verify the review. Your review will be posted automatically, but may be moderated in the future. Note that one person can leave one review for each escape room. Repeated reviews will be removed.

World of Escapes reserves the right to edit the reviews in violation with the law or standards of decency; the ones containing foul language, promotional content, external links or spoilers (descriptions that give away important gameplay details). World of Escapes reserves the right to temporarily remove or delete a review if it is deemed questionable.

If you see a suspicious review, please, reach out to us at [email protected] and include any information that our moderators can independently verify. We are all for unbiased and objective reviews, but we don’t typically take sides in customer disputes, and generally will not remove reviews without a serious cause.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to change, update or remove the review that you wrote, please, contact us at [email protected]. Business owners should feel free to reach out to us to be able to respond to reviews.

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