Escape game De-composed VR

Company: Escape Denmark


Kirkegade 2 9900 Frederikshavn ()

91 91 37 37

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Experience a new level of escapism in Denmark's only virtual reality escape room outside of Copenhagen.

You and your friends have been invited to a private concert with recently discovered musical pieces by the brilliant and insane composer Hans Komisch who recently passed away. The concert is a chance of a lifetime to catch a glimpse of the world of genius and madness that was the foundation of his music. As you enter the mansion, you realize that the invitation was a trap…

You have all been transformed into ghosts and your souls are now playing the first violin in Komisch's final, magnificent piece. Now, you are inside the mansion but you have to go all the way into Komisch's twisted mind. Only then, you will be able to return to reality before the concert of your lives ends.

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